Vinay Kumar N

I’m a seasoned professional with 5+ years of experience in software and data engineering, with a proven track record of delivering efficient and high-quality solutions using various cloud providers’ data stacks.

As a Data Engineer at a top FinTech company in Berlin, Germany, I build data engineering and governance frameworks.

Areas of expertise:

Data Processing at Scale

  • Designing and optimizing data processing pipelines to ensure scalability, reliability, and extensibility
  • Developing batch, near-real-time, and real-time data processing pipelines
  • Developing custom connectors for different sources if readily not available
  • Ensuring solution quality and reliability through:
    • Unit testing, logging & monitoring, data observability

Data Platforms

  • Developing in-house data platforms using open-source tools, allowing for increased control over the infrastructure maintenance and reduced vendor lock-in risks

Data Governance

  • Building frameworks for Data Governance initiatives, including data discovery and access management